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Since 2014 and the launch of its very first tattoo studio, in Clausen, the old quarter of Luxembourg, Team Adikt Ink has always distinguished itself through a real identity, modern, corresponding to the codes of the new generations proudly wearing its tattoos.


In its approach to the public, the team distributes clothing and goodies in its own image, lucid thought to transmit the image of the brand.


Over time, the collections evolve, blending into the era of time, developing a line with pure designs, preferring sobriety to striking images.  No more imposing skulls, typo has found its role again, on comfortable clothes that can be worn in moments of relaxation, sports or in society, without losing any of its style.


More than a name or a brand, the Adikt Ink clothing line corresponds to a lifestyle.  Collections with unifying designs, conveying the image of a generation wishing to reflect a trendy lifestyle. More than a garment, it is a real support to the team brought by each person wearing a model of the collections, and in this way joining the big Adikt Ink family.

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